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Located along the Scenic Ocoee Byway of highway 64, beautiful Parksville Lake is a popular stop for visitors near and far. Just a short half-hour drive from the quaint downtown of Cleveland, Tennessee and I-75, Parksville Lake (or Lake Ocoee) is the perfect setting for many water activities. Swimming, fishing, boating and floating are all enjoyed across this nearly 2,000-acre lake. Travelers in the area may enjoy the beautiful drive connecting the Ocoee area from beautiful Blue Ridge, Georgia. An easy daytrip from Blue Ridge, visitors can come to Cleveland to enjoy the local shops, restaurants and breweries of downtown, as well as all the area’s opportunities for outdoor fun.

As the oldest lake in the Cherokee National Forest, the large and serene waters of Parksville Lake are a playground for boaters and fun-seekers of all kinds. With so many ways to enjoy the water, it is important to choose the right boat for your fun experience. Pontoon boats can offer the perfect mode of transportation for those looking to comfortably cruise the water and enjoy a day of laid-back adventure. Offering more space and comfort than most any other kind of boat to be found on the lake, the pontoon is perfect for carrying groups of people. The pontoon boat is also great for fishing, as it easily drifts along the water and offers plenty of space to spread out gear. The boat provides great stability with its wide-set floatation, so moving around on the boat when at standstill is comfortable and steady. A pontoon boat is very easy to operate, even for first timers. The boat’s steering wheel makes driving feel just like driving a car (maybe even easier) so you’ll be navigating the water with ease in no time.

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The idea for the first pontoon boat came from one man wanting to safely take his whole family out to the lake at the same time. Officially invented in 1952 by Ambrose Weeres, this first pontoon boat was built by fastening a wooden deck to two steel barrels. Now, nearly all pontoon boats on the water are built on aluminum floatation tubes called “pontoons”, creating a boat that is much lighter and able to have more range, speed and power. Though their construction has changed a lot since first invented, these boats still offer the same appeal of lots of space and easy riding for larger groups. With a pontoon boat, everyone can come along and have fun together.

While a pontoon boat can be defined as simply two pontoon floatation tubes under a solid deck, a tritoon is a boat built on three tubes. The tritoon boat looks nearly identical to the pontoon boat and offers all the great features the classic pontoon does, but an additional tube does generally allow for a more a powerful engine to be housed and makes it possible for these boats to generally go faster. Lake Ocoee Inn and Marina offers both pontoon and tritoons that can carry groups of 10-15 people, depending on the specific boat. All pontoon and tritoons available for rental feature a partial canopy, providing the option to soak in the sun or rest in the shade. Each boat is also fitted with plush seat cushions that provide all-day comfort for your time on the water.

With all the fun things you can do on a pontoon or tritoon boat and how easy it is to operate, it’s no wonder the boat has become one of the most popular ways to be on the water. In season, you can fill a pontoon boat full of passengers to cruise happily across the lake and enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Enjoy Parksville Lake for the day, weekend or whole week and stay in any of our cozy cabins or beautiful Inn rooms. Take a look at the boats available for rental on our page and make reservations in advance for your fun day on the water!

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