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The serene lakes of Tennessee and North Georgia provide incredible landscape for leaving worry behind and getting lost in the beauty of nature. What better way to enjoy breathtaking views of the water than from your own personal craft? Glide smoothly over the water’s surface, eye level with the horizon, taking in panoramic beauty with each paddle stroke. Unique to other modes of water craft, the fairly new paddle board offers a standing experience on the water that is different from any other boating activity.

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What is Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

Stand up paddle boarding (or SUP) is a fun and relaxing water sport that can be enjoyed in the warm months of spring to fall. Making its entrance into the recreation world only within the last decade or so, it has quickly risen to popularity for both fun and fitness seekers, as a variety of affordable boards have become available on the market. The sport is enjoyed by standing atop a solid or inflated board, and striding with steady paddle strokes to explore the reaches of beautiful bodies of water.

How did SUP begin?

While paddle boards as we know them today only begin being manufactured in 2008, the practice of SUP goes back much farther in history. Its exact beginning is unclear, but some histories record that ancient fishermen used the standing tactic in canoes and other boats to scout for fishing and for reading the sea. More recently, the technique of standing up on surfboards came into popularity in Hawaii among surfers in the 1960s-70s. This created a more dynamic experience for surfers to maneuver between waves and interact with the water and others on it.

Types of paddle boards

Within paddle board production, there are two main categories of boards to select from. Each type offers special benefits to suit a variety of paddle boarding styles and activities.

  • Displacement hull: Featuring a gently pointed front, this type of board glides closely to the water and feels more like a true surf board. You can easily pick up speed on this board, making it great for racing or long-distance trips.
  • Planing hull: This type of board has a rounded front, and is wider than displacement hull boards. While not as swift in the water, this board also offers a lot of stability and maneuverability, as it rides fully atop the surface of the water.

Planing hull paddle boards are ideal for leisure or tour paddling. Leisure or touring paddle boarding is typically done on flatwater, and has become the most popular and common form of paddle boarding today.

Touring or leisure paddle boarding

Touring or leisure paddle boarding can be enjoyed on lakes or gentle moving rivers all across the country. Lake Ocoee (also known as Parksville Lake) offers over 1,900 hundred acres of beautiful flatwater to explore, all nestled within the stunning setting of the Blue Ridge mountains. There are plenty of great access spots to begin your paddle boarding adventure, such as Mac Point, Parksville Beach and Lake Ocoee Inn’s marina area. These recreation areas offer great starting points for your water adventure, with easy accessibility to get you and your board onto the water.

Getting started with SUP

Like with any open-water sport, personal safety is a first concern and a personal floatation device (or PFD) should be worn at all times while enjoying your time out on the water. To begin your paddle board experience, you will first need to become familiar with positioning yourself on the board.

How to stand up on a paddle board:

  • Start with the board in about knee-deep water
  • Take a steady hold of the board with both hands on either side of the board
  • Gently move your body into the board in a kneeling or cross-legged position
  • Center your body at the middle of the board, marked by the carrying handle
  • From the kneeling position (or after getting into kneeling position from cross-legged), place your hands on the board in front of you and move one leg forward to make a lunge posture
  • From the lunge position, use your hands to keep balance as you push your weight upward into a standing position and bring your other foot to the center of the board
  • Now standing, you can begin getting a feel for the movement of the water and can begin paddling in smooth strokes for your fun adventure!

If you don’t feel comfortable standing on the board, paddle boards are also great for maintaining a seated position with your legs straight out, crossed, or on either side enjoying the feeling of the refreshing water.

More adventure with SUP

Beyond the traditional flatwater paddle boarding experience, there are many other ways to enjoy paddle boarding and the unique opportunities the sport offers on the water. From a paddle board, you can also enjoy fishing, yoga practice, surf paddle boarding, and many more activities. An array of board styles are available to suit your desired experience, and plenty of specialized gear can be added to your board for further personalization, comfort and function. Both solid and inflatable boards are available on the market, providing a range of benefits of both durability and ease of transportation.
Whether you are experienced in SUP or stretching your limits to try something new, paddling the beautiful Lake Ocoee is the perfect setting to get lost in the beauty of the region and enjoy the simplicity of time in nature. Visit Ocoee Inn and Marina where your water adventure awaits!



It’s all about the lifestyle….and the HD Paddle Board embodies it.  The board that redefined what a SUP should be.  The BOTE BUGSLINGER HD is a hybrid between a recreational surf style hull and a displacement touring hull with a “V” nose entry.  The design paddles effortlessly while maintaining excellent stability.  Load up your cooler, bring your fishing poles and get some time on the water.


  • $50 Deposit
  • $25 for first hour
  • $10 each additional hour
Young man on standup paddle board
Young man on standup paddle board wearing bright swim trunks

Things you will need:

These items are available in our Marina Store

  • Swimsuit / Swim trunks
  • Towel
  • Waterproof Sunscreen
  • Signed waiver
  • Floating dry bag recommended for keys wallet etc.